Trending Topics and News

In the modern world information occupies an important aspect of the everyday life. No wonder we call it the information age. Information on every aspect of life, be it business, education, current affairs, sports is influencing our daily life. Business trending news helps traders make decisions about their holdings. Top news on current affairs affects the currency and the commodities market. Sports news can lift the morale of an entire nation. News and news sites thus pay an important part in our life.

The social media is very helpful here as they help to see trending news, meaning the top news, which is the most interesting to people. These trends enable people to see what’s happening without being exposed to the entire sea of information. Trending news usually helps to understand what the world is doing and which way the events are moving to shape the world.

The era of the Internet and web 2.0 enabled people to share their experiences and express their feelings. This enables us to know and share details that were impossible to be done. We have a means to know how hot it is inside the Sun or what it actually looks on the surface of Mars. Our knowledge and our perspectives have changed and so has the way we live in society.

Twitter and Facebook has brought us closer to each other. In a connected world everybody is literally just a click away. Social networking has helped us to share top news with our friends and family in a flash. Moreover, trending news often travels by news sites, making the work of journalists a bit simpler. As soon as something happens, like that terrible disaster in Japan, everybody starts looking for the news on the topic, it goes to trending news, and starts its journey from one website to another.

Trending news are better disseminated using social networking sites. Often news is first shared on social media than on regular channels. When users starts sharing information with each others they become a snow ball which quickly gathers momentum and forms top news. Social media is a treasure house for news and updates from friends and can help to keep in touch with what&rsquos the buzz at the moment. Staying behind is not an option and if one does not follow the buzz that is exactly what happens. Following twitter and other social networking sites as such helps in staying abreast with the latest and thus staying with the buzz.

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Twitter Trending Topics and How to Use Them to Get More Followers

Twitter trending topics can’t tell you what will be hot in the future, but it can inspire you to provide timely information on whatever is buzzing at the moment. Things move very quickly on Twitter, but being up-to-date in your tweets can provide real Twitter power to your profile. If you don’t know what to tweet about a quick perusal of hot topics could be the thing to write about when you see something that is relevant for your topics or niches. The best part of all of this is that it can inspire you to gain even more followers as people see what you write on such hot topics.

Writing about christmas during summer might not be all that relevant on Twitter, but could become an evergreen topic in an article you write. So you need to adapt your writing to whatever media you are using. Similarly, being involved in the oil spill disaster in the gulf of Mexico could be far more relevant to tweet about since any article would quickly become outdated when events take some unforeseen turn.

Twitter has been much discussed by some as being very short-term, but time has proven that line of reasoning to be wrong. Honest Twitters have established a good name for themselves by remaining loyal to elements such as honesty, straightforwardness and accountability. When you stand by your opinions you are building a loyal following of readers whereas those who have treated their Twitter profiles as virtual RSS-feeds have lost many of their followers when people discover that they can’t really gain any value from reading tweets from a Twitter user that doesn’t share much that is of any value.

Hot topics are easy to spot. When something moves in the world of politics or sports that usually gets people fired up. Topics of a more philosophical nature rarely reach the top of hot topics, although these niches provide unique opportunities for those who don’t want to compete once tweets appear at the speed of sometimes several dozen tweets each minute. You will have a hard time staying at the top of trend searches when so many tweet about the same subject.

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Trending Topics Roller Coaster

Is Twitter on its way downhill when it comes to being ‘the best search engine’? Just a month back I read all these blog posts about how Twitter and Google are competing to be the best search engine sites with real time. But I think we spoke too soon.

A few days ago, I was checking the trending topics on my Twitter account and I noticed that Rick Astley was on the top of the list. I clicked on it to find out what it is all about and all I could see was a stream of spam tweets – the kind of tweet that just lists all the 10 different trending topics. I kept refreshing it but apart from the spam all I could see were other confused tweets about why Rick Astley is trending or just unrelated and unhelpful tweets with his name mentioned.

That is when I turned to Google. And the first result I got after typing Rick Astley in the search box was of the news report with an explanation of what was going on. Apparently the rumor that Rick Astley has also passed away was spreading like wildfire. And the spammers on Twitter were no help. They kept the confusion alive.

So is Google back on top of the list when it comes to a reliable search engine? Were we just kidding ourselves into thinking that a live stream of organic micro blogs will prove to be the ultimate real time search engine? Were we too quick to trust the random individual from whom we would get the information to begin with?

I really hope not. The ideal thing to happen now would be for Twitter to somehow find a way to stop these spammers from their constant interference with what could be a very healthy and informative community. If nothing is done to stop them then I’m afraid all this Twitter mania would be nullified. No more real time search results for us. At least not from Twitter.

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Twitter Trending Topics and Their Effect on Online Reputation Management

Twitter trending topics are a great way to know what is on people’s mind and what they are twitting about right now. The fact that these lines are being written on a Sunday morning, 12 hours after the airing of Saturday Night Live in the United States has a lot to do with “SNL” being a trending topic at the moment on Twitter, as many people are simply reacting to the popular sketch show.

SNL is television show broadcasted across the United States for over 34 years and as a result, a Google query for SNL returns 10.5 millions pages. The fact that SNL is a trending topic will not necessarily affect its Google Resume, but what happens to the web visibility of an unknown person or company that for one reason or another becomes a popular topic on Twitter?

The short answer: becoming a trending topic on Twitter for an unknown person or business could have an immediate and lasting effect on the way this entity would show up on search engines.

Trending topics on Twitter are often marked with hashtags (#) as the person who is originally twitting is interested in further input or the continuation of the discussion about the topic at hand. When explaining what a hashtags is says, “Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets, similar to how tags work for blogs”.

If a professional or a businesses that had limited visibility on the web becomes a trending topic on Twitter even for one hour, this would create thousands of hashtags, or essentially thousands of tags that a search engine would associate with that name. A business that becomes a trending topic for doing something negative could be facing a serious online reputation problem, as this negative association is not coming from one source but many. Although it is not a small company, AT&T is certainly feeling the affects of letting its customers down across the United States. Google attfail to learn more.

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Twitter Trending Topics Can Create Wide Awareness Among People

The very words, Twitter trending topics, denotes that it is all about certain topics that sets a kind of trend and interest among the users of Twitter. Twitter today is one of those social networking sites which have been able to swipe quite many youngsters towards it. Such trending topics actually are a kind of segments where the users use to share their particular feeling and opinions which often, at a time, create a kind of wave among the users.

If you are a registered Twitter user and if you want to express what is there in your mind or what you think about a particular thing that is currently happening around you then the best means for you to let others know your feelings is the Twitter trending topics. If the topics that you have shared are hot topics, which are of public interest and others too are feeling like giving their own view on that then one is free to do so and this way, a kind of networking takes place among the users of twitter. Thus, in other words, it can also be said that such platforms act as public poll places where everybody gets equal opportunity and same importance while speaking on a particular matter and one is not required to be afraid of anything too. As you will be giving your opinion only and there is nothing like standing among hundreds while giving your opinion, you can enjoy complete freedom and safety.

Every turn and result of the Twitter trending issues discussed in this section depends on the response of the members. If the topic is that of creating social awareness and is for the welfare of people, then the results often have been seen to be playing a positive effect on the society and have also raised the attention of public.

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Trending Topics Feature on Social Media Networks

A trending topic is a word, phrase or a topic that has been tagged or discussed at a greater rate than other tags. Either users’ efforts can help in making a particular topic popular or it could also be a particular news or event that became popular amongst people. With time, this feature has made an important place in the social media circle. Everyone wants to be a part of it as it helps in bringing them under a spotlight.

Twitter is the social media platform that introduced trending topics in 2010. When you login to Twitter, you can see them on the left hand side with hashtags. A lot of companies also run marketing campaigns, which help in bringing them under the trending topics. For example, if you’ll look at the top trending topics of today, you will see #sendmeoreo in the top ten trending topics. This is clearly an example of a good marketing strategy to build a brand name.

A lot of marketers use them to create content, which eventually help them in getting traffic. So, if you belong to real estate industry, you can look for the topics related to your industry and talk about them in your blog or article. But you also need to make sure that your post is well crafted and interesting enough to hold the attention of your readers. After that, you can tweet your post and ask your followers for retweets.

Google+ also rolled out this feature in 2011 by following Twitter’s footsteps with a list of 10 hottest trending topics. These topics are shown with the help of Google Trends and Hot searches. This makes it different from Twitter because there is a possibility that the topics which are popular on Twitter might not be as popular on Google. You can see them with the hashtags on the right panel and the icons next to each trend depicts if the post is becoming more or less popular.

Early this year, Facebook launched the trending topics feature. It is considered to be pretty late as compared to other social media portals but better late than never. The feature is called “Trending” and it will appear next to the News Feed. Again, it will show all the popular searches/topics that have been discussed by using their algorithm, designed to dig topics that have seen significant increase in popularity on Facebook.

Social media marketing covers multiple facets depending upon the kind of social media network you are using. But they all have few similar features like trending topics that could turn out to be a great help if used effectively. It is one way of helping you to discuss something, which is “trending” in your particular field of interest and giving you more exposure.

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Where Twitter Trending Topics Really Come From

Twitter trending topics are extremely popular and the need for real-time local Twitter trends is high among savvy marketers seeking dominance in this microblogging platform. How can you find Twitter trending topics, read on and find out!

The key to getting Twitter for business right is to have your posts seen by as many people without appearing “spammy”. To do this, you might need to know what terms or phrases are being searched for by Twitterati. The list of “trending topics” on the right side of Twitter’s home page is a coveted spot, mainly because millions around the world are searching for those topics. From Shah Rukh Khan’s latest advertisement to the death of any prominent personality – it does not take too long for a trending topic to gain maximum prominence on Twitter. In fact, a number of marketing companies are driving Social Media efforts to get a spot on the trending list.

Twitter Trends: Their Origins

Although most marketers are not aware about the origins of these topics which begin to trend on Twitter, it is understood that the trending algorithm finds topics which a huge population is tweeting or retweeting about. According to a study by HP Labs, 31 percent of trending topics were believed to have come from retweets; 72 percent originating from close to 20 major news sources (CNN, BBC) based in the U.S., UK and Brazil.

Hashtags also begin to trend when they are new to the algorithm. For instance, if some one tweets about #china earthquake and more people begin discussing the earthquake using the same hashtag, it is likely to trend on Twitter. It’s quite possible that topics will trend, get off the list and even reappear at a later date. They appear for about 40 minutes at a time. These topics appear on your Twitter homepage, by default, displaying topics and hashtags that are trending worldwide. However, you can change this setting to find topics which are trending in the geographical location of your choice.

Finding Trending Topics on Twitter

Marketers who realize the true value of these topics are most often looking for web applications which can help them track popular trends and Twitter hashtags. There are a wide variety of applications including iPhone apps which they can use to understand the trends on Twitter and try to apply it to their business. Web-based applications like Twitter Search, Twist, Monitter, and Tweetmeme provide useful and interesting insights on the topics which are trending on Twitter.

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Using The Trending Topics On Twitter In Internet Marketing

One of the secrets to getting internet marketing right on social media sites like Twitter is to get your posts seen by as many people as possible without seeming “spammy”. Lots of people use techniques called “spamming” techniques, either by using automated programs to send things out to people or by sending out irrelevant links to anybody whose contact details they can find. This has been happening with email for a long time, and most email clients are now wise to it and remove the majority of spam type mail from their customers’ inboxes. Blogging platforms too, are able to remove a lot of spammy comments on blog posts easily. With Twitter, it is slightly different, because anybody can tweet at anybody else, so if you create a so-called “spambot” to respond to any tweets containing a certain word with a predetermined tweet, perhaps containing a link to your business’ website or something you are promoting, then users will see it.

This is not really a good thing. Regular Twitter users are used to seeing a few of these every day, and either ignore them or notice who has sent them and what they are about and actually form a negative opinion about the business or sender.

So, how can you get your tweets containing your promotional messages and links, seen by more people without the negative impact to your credibility that being seen as a spammer can cause? Well, the simplest way is to actively analyze the trending topics on Twitter.

Twitter shows, at any given times, the most talked about subjects in the form of keywords and also Twitter specific “hashtags”. Hashtags are codes people can put in their tweets to label them as being related to a given topic, to help people who are searching. Hashtags can be created by any user, and ones that are popularly adopted can then make it onto the trending topics list.

The trending topics list is shown on your Twitter homepage. By default, it shows the topics and hashtags trending on Twitter worldwide, but you can change this setting to show you topics trending in your country, or go even further and see the ones trending in all manner of significant US and global cities – this is great if you have the kind of business that can only trade with people in the local area such as a restaurant.

Once you know what topics people are talking about the most, you also have a fair idea what other people either worldwide, nationwide, or in your city are searching for too, so by tweeting about these things your tweet will be picked up in a lot more searches. What this means is, if you can weave trending topics into the things you are saying you will get more traffic. It takes a degree of creativity to do this in a way that works. When people find your tweet, it still needs to be relevant to the hashtags or keywords you have used. You will only annoy people and look spammy if you include the words “Justin Bieber” in a tweet about your fishing tackle shop’s latest offer just because he’s trending, so try and think how you can make links between your content and things that people are currently interested in.

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Trending Topics On Twitter

Are you familiar with the trending topics on Twitter?

If you are a Tweetizen, a habitué of the 140-character per tweet social media phenomenon that is Twitter, you probably are.

Looking at your Twitter homepage in its new layout or format, the trending topics can be found on the right side of the page with the heading “Trends.” Under “Trends,” you will find the most popular keywords that Tweetizens are tweeting about. It is usually preceded by the pound sign .

Trending topics on Twitter varies from time to time and it also varies according to location. A general feel of what the world is tweeting about may be seen by clicking on the “worldwide” trends. If you want to check “local trends” in your country or your city, just click the name of the country or city.

During the holidays, I got to spend more time following some trending topics on Twitter. It was so interesting to read everyone’s thoughts about a number of topics ranging from Christmas greetings, to love, to sports, celebrity sightings all over the world. But on one particular day I was really shocked to see a worldwide trending topic on “hate.”

Trending Topic on Hate

In a season of peace and gift-giving, I was really so surprised to see the following worldwide topics trending in one full day. It would seem that there was a full-blown Indonesia-Malaysia Twitter war happening right before my very eyes!

I really thought that there was an all-out civil war happening between Malaysia and Indonesia because the tweets just kept on coming and flooding Twitter.

Well, the most sensible thing to do if you see trending topics like this one is to click on these topics and read about what other people are saying about it. I eventually found out that these trending hate topics were spurred by an ongoing AFF Final Cup football match between these two countries and fans were cheering and jeering each other. My, what a relief that it was just about football! Apparently, the Indonesian Tweetizens, the second largest habitués of Twitter, were venting out their anger over accusations of cheating in the said football match.

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Use Trending Topics to Your Advantage

The best way to get links and huge amounts of traffic is by taking advantage of trending topics. By using this, you wouldn’t have to make use of too many resources. This is because you do not have too promoted this topic too much since it is already popular to the masses. All you need to do is to do some stress-free activities and let the masses do the rest of the work.

So, what should you do?

First off, you must do some monitoring. Of course, you cannot just take advantage of any trending topics that will come into view. You must also choose a topic which is relevant to your niche. Aside from that, a trending topic will not come to you; you will also have to look for it. This is why you should also do your fair share of research, monitor closely the flow of news and watch out for any story that is being noticed by a lot of people. For this, you can make use of various trending tools.

When it comes to utilizing trending topics, it is very important that you carefully choose your topic. In choosing a topic, you must be a critical thinker. What you are looking for is a topic that is starting to create a buzz or one that’s already been recognized by a lot of people. For this, you will have to monitor closely the topic that most people are talking about. What are the usual content of most blogs and articles these days? It is true that you will fail at doing this sometimes however you will only have to think of one thing-what topic will catch that attention of many people? In order to reduce the number of your mistakes, you can try making use of different types of metrics in order to size up how trend-able certain topics are.

The next thing you have to do is to create an article which is worth linking to. Regardless of how popular or trending your topic is, no one would link to your article if it has low quality content. Write your article in the same way you will write your other topics. If you will be writing about a trending topic, chances are many people will too. With this in mind, how will you make your article to stand above the rest? The best tip for this would be to provide people with a comprehensive guide about the trending topic.

Of course, you should not forget to optimize your content. After all, how can you drive traffic to your site if you don’t? People would usually link two things in your site-the title of the content or your domain name. With this in mind, you can use this to your advantage by incorporating some of your target keywords in your page title. Also, you should insert some of your target keywords in the article body too.

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